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"All our struggle is a struggle for self-determination to define our sovereignty. We won't allow corporate elites and the monarchy to destroy our sovereignty rights; our rights to the land, our right to our resources, our right to our self-government, and our rights to self-sufficiency. We have to stand on this principle if it means we have to defend ourselves against the aggressors who want to destroy that fabric of our self-determination. We've got to quit letting others tell us how to define OUR self-government and OUR sovereignty. We've got to stop allowing the so-called colonial powers to enforce their definition of self-government within our territories.

"If we wait on that, pretty soon you turn around and look and all you got left is assimilation. Your land is lost, your resources are gone, your way of life gone. You've got an imposed system called the band council system-the elected system that is not ours-they are puppets, doing the interests of the colonial powers and their interests upon our lands. Pretty soon you've got forced policing in our communities. You've got all our men ending up in jail, and our women ending up in prisons, sisters out there selling themselves and prostituting themselves, welfare depenency, drinks, drugs, child suicide in mass numbers, thousands of our children killing themselves by the year in this alien culture. We can't compete in that world. That's not our world to compete in. It is completely alien to our hereditary lines. So this is all that is offered over there for us. It is nothing but a slow death. Why sit back and let that slow death syndrome creep on us and take on us when it is better to stand as warriors in defense of one's nations and one's way of life-to defend ourselves against the encroachment, assimilation and exploitation-the RIPOFF.

"We've been taking it for too long, and it is time to change that cycle, as prophesized. Now is the time to create the greatest Pan-Indian movement that has been known throughout the western hemisphere. It has been prophesized that in the last days all nations would be afforded the right-the last chance to enter the Eastern Door and accept the Great Law. This is the time we're upon now.

"because there are things happening, and only those that practice ceremony and ritual-which allows one to tap the veils between this world and the next and to understand the origins and realities of the prophecies-can begin to understand the time and the epic that we are in. And that we are getting ready to close one world and begin another world...And for those that don't accept the Creator's law... which is the highest natural's not going to be a good time ahead."

These excerpts originally appeared in Prison News Service.

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